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Custom designed ballet costumes

Our professional quality 1-of-a-kind costumes are custom-made to your specifications. Pictured costumes can be customized to your needs and price point. Please use measurement link above, then email or call 1-866-991-4778 with your measurements and design ideas.    

Group prices: Simple costumes without decoration ....         Child: $70(CxxS-CxS)   $80(CS-CM)   $90(CL-AxS)
                                                                                             Adult: $100(AS-AM)   $110(AL-AxL)   $120(AxxL-AxxxL)             
Solo costumes + $60
Genuine Swarovski Crystals: 100 Stones $27.50
Decoration:   Light  $0      Medium  $50     Heavy  $150

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